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Adidas ZX 700 deliberately introduced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Boston Marathon with the cooperation of the commemorative version , the meaning is self-evident .

As a global sports giant , adidas has always been with many major international sporting events have a good cooperation . Whether it is a comprehensive events such as the Olympics, or such like NBA League Cup and European Cup games are like Sai Huizhi adidas -term partner . In the eyes of many runners symbolizes the highest honor of the Boston Marathon have gone hand in hand with the adidas 20 years . adidas To commemorate this great moment , launched a commemorative version of the Adidas ZX 700 's . Shoes with a representative of the Boston Marathon in yellow and blue colors. And showing the details of the insole and shoe buckles and other symbolic Boston Athletic Association 's Unicorn Logo, significance. With shoes , adidas has also introduced the use of Clima365 and ClimaLite technology matching costumes , either use or collection is a good choice .

Boston Marathon by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) sponsored event. In 1897 from the third Monday in April each year Patriot Day (Patriots' Day) held the previous year in 1896 due to be held in Athens hosted the first modern Olympic Games in successful marathon races , as the world's top five marathon a Boston Marathon is still a continuation of the ancient Greek tradition of the winner of the first crown of glory , a marathon runner who became the world's pilgrimage , and also for the nation's most watched Super Bowl outside the single-day sporting event .


 Since this is a fresh pair of monumental style of some quaint and jogging shoes, the technology is not the be some lack of it? In fact, in order to adapt jogging and demanding consumers , adidas shoes technology upgrade in terms of sparing no effort .


 In the forefoot portion Adidas ZX originals 700 , we saw in the bottom outside the familiar "adiPRENE +" words . Although this yellow rubber damping lack some low-key selling point, but a solid performance so far adidas difficult to let go . Excellent elasticity based on more than ten years so that it can not fall.

 Throughout the year, the launch of adidas running shoes , in addition to using the style Bounce technology , most of the shoes in the heel portion of the use of the 3D ForMotion technology. 3D ForMotion prototype is famous ground control system GCS, which is an outdoor shoes in the end have been used to improve the level of technical complexity of balanced direction . After that time renamed T-Mac basketball shoes on 6, etc. as ForMotion, and instead columnar structure to meet the required stability of basketball shoes . After a year in the refrigerator after , ForMotion comeback in 2009 , improved to 3D ForMotion. This more stable form also appears on this double ZX 700. So it can be said , adidas ZX originals 700 performance in no way inferior to those new high-end now jogging shoes.

As technology 's most memorable torsion system, I want to compare the first year of design, in which the double adidas originals  ZX 700 to the Y -type structure . Such changes in the movement around the shoes so that the palm is more stable, and even in poor road conditions , so that the feet can also be controlled in a safe range of movement .


 As a memorial to the history and heritage of classic , Adudas ZX 700 performance naturally doubt. Whether it is comfort or shock absorption and stability is important , ZX 700 has emerged as one kind of history is inconsistent with its perfect experience . It makes excellent ZX series has gradually turned the tide circles even today, still have professional performance running shoes .

In Adidas ZX 700 shoe body, the designer uses a large area of ​​the mesh material , in order to achieve maximum breathability. Although not part of ClimaCool shoes concept itself , but still breathable ZX 700 enough " breeze" of . Part of the composite material toe and suede material shoelaces around the vamp , while rich , greatly enhance the durability of the shoes . 3M reflective material side protection runners can exercise even at night , you can safely enjoy the fun of jogging . Third line TPU material Logo tie shoelaces when shoes are not only able to make your feet more fit , but also to strengthen the supportive side . Green TPU heel style can be firmly fixed runner 's feet , but the delicate lining but did not make you feel uncomfortable when Achilles was tightly wrapped , but also have good moisture wicking properties .

Outsole forefoot , we can see the words ultralight rubber "Blown Rubber", which can reduce the weight of the outsole wear protection possible under the premise of . As we all know , thick heavy shoes outsole is a culprit , and the use of ultra-light weight ZX 700 rubber makes the can and those of today's popular ultra-light running shoes under a high. Slip lines is simple, but to deal with the general jogging is definitely more than enough , but we do not recommend you to wear ZX 700 to be very intense ball games . As adiPRENE +, 3D ForMotion these names there Torsion System technology is the adidas ZX  originals 700 midsole performance guarantee.

Is such a pair of low-key appearance but the performance is very good, but also have many memorable top jogging shoes, the price is not high , with a certain price. I believe this dual synthesizer in a rare masterpiece will surely set off a new wave of Adidas ZX 700 jogging in the weather getting warmer May .